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We firmly believe that today everyone is worthy and has the right to be happy.

We go to people who are in difficult situations today, we give them hope and opportunities to be happy.

Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine




Creation of media products that develop social activities


Help for specific people in a difficult life situation


Promoting civic association of people to solve social problems



Training in the creation and implementation of social projects


Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

We support socially active citizens whose efforts are aimed at the development of social initiatives in East Europe and Central Asia.

Our association mobilized to ensure humanitarian aid for Ukraine and provide the necessary information for the distribution of aid to Ukraine and refugees.

Helper TV

The project of our charity association “HELPERTV”  is a Russian-language YouTube channel, the purpose of which is to help people who find themselves in a difficult life situation by reporting the story of this person to as many viewers as possible.

Volunteers for a Healthy Lifestyle

The project was aimed at helping elderly people to change their habits and lead a healthy lifestyle.

School of Volunteer Leaders

The project is aimed at training leaders among young people, whose activities will be aimed at organizing and holding sports events among peers in the courtyards of settlements in Moscow and the Moscow region.


One of the best ways to help yourself is to help others !
Sometimes we complain and complain, but do not notice the benefits that surround us. It is the refocusing of attention on the needs of others that allows you to see and evaluate your own situation.

But sometimes, when hope disappears and the light at the end of the tunnel is not visible, our organization boldly takes up the task in order to help you get back on your feet, gain the necessary strength to move forward and see the joy in every breath, in the ability to see and walk. It is participation in helping others that brings real happiness ! Happiness that unites, which cannot be expressed in words, happiness with tears of joy in your eyes, happiness that touches your heart and soul, which will not replace anything purchased today in stores.

Those who know these feelings can be our accomplices, and those who have lost all hope, we are happy to help!

Today we are working on helping our wards:


On the evening of October 12, 2020, Alevtina, returning home from work, was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing at high speed. Alevtina was thrown 20 meters away. When falling, the entire impact fell on the left side of the head.



I would like to express my gratitude to the director of the Happy Life Planet Association, David Mikhail, for providing stable financial assistance to the volunteers for a healthy lifestyle movement for 4 years, and in particular, to me Lyubimov Peter, the head of this movement. Special thanks for the fact that thanks to this support, Evgeny Zhukov was hired as an assistant. Together we made trips to dozens of orphanages, schools, colleges and universities, where we conducted programs on the dangers of smoking, alcohol, and promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people. We conducted street work-out and crossfit workouts with them. We also worked with disabled people and provided assistance in their transportation, as well as delivered food to people with disabilities. As part of the project, we visited elderly people, helped them with cleaning the territories from snow. All thanks to this help.
I would like to emphasize that without this help, our project could not have developed so powerfully and so quickly. Therefore, we express our great gratitude to David Mikhail for his love for people and wish him further prosperity.


The Head of the volunteers for a healthy lifestyle movement

Information of Registration

Our organisation is registered in France according to the regulations of french law : Loi 1901

Name of the organisation : HAPPY LIFE PLANET (HLP)

Registration number (N° RNA): W062016734

N° SIRET: 89074452700015

Organization address

Maison des Associations La Luna
265 Prom. des Anglais
06200 Nice

Contact infromation

Phone number: + 33 184 25 73 91