School of Volunteer Leaders

The project is aimed at training leaders among young people, whose activities will be aimed at organizing and holding sports events among peers in the courtyards of settlements in Moscow and the Moscow region. Training includes:
Theoretical part:
– participation in developing trainings and thematic intellectual games;
– teaching the theory of healthy lifestyle;
– training of instructors-lecturers conducting classes against chemical and alcohol addictions.
Practical part:
– training of sports instructors in Workout;
– participation in the volunteer movement.
The project will allow replicating existing practices in settlements, for the development of sports and healthy lifestyles among young people through the Workout movement. The advantage of the project lies in the presence of a sufficiently attractive motive for young people – the success achieved in physical development, thanks to sporting events.
The presence of interested young people will make it possible to implement the project without large financial costs and ensure its development after the end of the grant period, including in other countries of the former USSR.

Information of Registration

Our organisation is registered in France according to the regulations of french law : Loi 1901

Name of the organisation : HAPPY LIFE PLANET (HLP)

Registration number (N° RNA): W062016734

N° SIRET: 89074452700015

Organization address

Maison des Associations La Luna
265 Prom. des Anglais
06200 Nice

Contact infromation

Phone number: + 33 184 25 73 91