Helper TV

The project of our charity association “HELPERTV”

( ) is a Russian-language YouTube channel, the purpose of which is to help people who find themselves in a difficult life situation by reporting the story of this person to as many viewers as possible. The project is aimed, first of all, not at finding financial resources, but at attracting people to solve the problems of a particular person through the consolidation of society, awakening the population to active actions. We sort of involve Russian-speaking YouTube viewers in the lives of other members of society who suffer for one reason or another, thereby contributing to their reaction and their willingness to participate in real help to people. Many people help organizationally, for example, restoring documents, engaging in transportation services. Someone helps informatively, giving advice, and someone financially. The project is also intended to set an example to other charitable organizations in Russia of the possibilities of video hosting and other Internet technologies to help people.

The project was born in 2020 and the first ward was a girl Anna, who lost her face due to a burn. After the videos about her fate were filmed, there were people who helped organize a free skin transplant operation for Anna. Many other viewers of the channel helped pay for Anna’s relocation and accommodation in Moscow. The girl’s life has changed dramatically for the better. Further, thanks to the channel, assistance was organized for two more young people. Thus, in less than six months of the channel’s existence, it was possible to provide assistance to 3 people who found themselves in a difficult life situation.

However, the channel’s work is currently episodic. The development of the channel is hindered by the lack of technical means for photo and video shooting, the lack of a permanent videographer and funds for travel. Now the video is being recorded on an amateur camera, and the creator of the channel Igor Shestakov uses his few funds to organize trips.
Therefore, the purpose of this project is to organize the work of the channel on an ongoing basis.


– Purchase of equipment for video shooting and installation
– Hiring a full-time videographer
– Channel promotion

– Release of 1 video clip every 2 weeks
– Organization of teams among subscribers of the channel for targeted assistance to people
– Assistance to other NGOs in organizing charitable video channels.

Information of Registration

Our organisation is registered in France according to the regulations of french law : Loi 1901

Name of the organisation : HAPPY LIFE PLANET (HLP)

Registration number (N° RNA): W062016734

N° SIRET: 89074452700015

Organization address

Maison des Associations La Luna
265 Prom. des Anglais
06200 Nice

Contact infromation

Phone number: + 33 184 25 73 91