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Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Our task today is to raise the necessary funds to purchase and send to Ukraine basic food and hygiene products, baby food and necessary goods for children, medicines and essential provisions.

Helper TV

The project of our charity association “HELPERTV”  is a Russian-language YouTube channel, the purpose of which is to help people who find themselves in a difficult life situation by reporting the story of this person to as many viewers as possible.

Volunteers for a Healthy Lifestyle

The project was aimed at helping elderly people to change their habits and lead a healthy lifestyle.

School of Volunteer Leaders

The project is aimed at training leaders among young people, whose activities will be aimed at organizing and holding sports events among peers in the courtyards of settlements in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Information of Registration

Our organisation is registered in France according to the regulations of french law : Loi 1901

Name of the organisation : HAPPY LIFE PLANET (HLP)

Registration number (N° RNA): W062016734

N° SIRET: 89074452700015

Organization address

Maison des Associations La Luna
265 Prom. des Anglais
06200 Nice

Contact infromation

Phone number: + 33 184 25 73 91